Telex KP-5032 Key Panel, First Experience


I am serving as the Truck-Compound Intercom Engineer (C2?). Primarily responsible for any deployed truck intercom resources, even if they are in the venue. This includes all system level-balancing and panel programming. The truck is MTV Networks “Atlas” which is almost completely OMNEO. Of the 432 ports, only 32 are analog. Because the 5032 can be run as Analog or IP (OMNEO or RVON depending on firmware), the assessment must include the complexities of the connection scheme.

1     The 5032 includes a front-panel AUX VOLUME control knob. The default is to adjust the MATRIX input level. This is intended to be a push-to-toggle between AUX1, AUX2 and the MATRIX signal as a mixing function. The problem is that the user can turn that knob all the way to “off” without there being any indicator after the fact. This  has caused me several trouble calls. One idea is to make the knob toggle to an additional function to control SIDETONE. That would be a nice default. A continuous display of the current listen level would also be helpful. As with all firmware defined user-interfaces, updates could alter many of these default conditions and may be different in other panels already.

2   The 5032 does not include a legacy D-SUB-9 connector for the analog frame connection. This presents a challenge when integrating to legacy systems.

3  The ADVANCED AUDIO functions, particularly the compressor, only provides ratios of 1:1 (off), 2:1 and 3:1. I typically like to run the analog output of a Director’s panel through a limiter, like a DBX-160X. I select ratios closer to 8 or 10:1 to really protect the ears of everyone listening. 3:1 is not enough. Further, if run in an IP/Network topology, there is no way to access the audio signal to patch in an external limiter. The signal would have to be extracted and re-entered to the OMNEO stream as a gain-reduced

Telex offers the Audio Package software option which includes additional compression ratios, but I have not had a chance to work with any 5032 units with this option.


As always, I like to start conversations about these subjects. I especially like to hear counterpoints to correct my myopic opinions.


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