Panel Microphone Preference

Telex offers a slim, black style as the MCP90## where the ## is the length as well as a “0” zero-length stubby version for tight spaces. Clear-Com offers the GM-##, again, the ## is the length. 9″, 12″ and 18″ are common.

I have experienced a much greater propensity for the Telex to be sensitive to aggressive close talking to the point where the key-panel’s compressor actually goes into nearly a mute condition. This is especially true with pops and other breath sounds.

The Clear-Com model, satin finish and of a less slim design, is much more forgiving and consistent across a wide range of talking levels without over-driving the compressor. I prefer to use the Clear-Com model and have had very good results in all versions of the KP32 as well as the Clear-Com products which use a screw-in, TRS mount form-factor.

I have not had may opportunities to experience the panel-microphone from Riedel as a comparison. Can anyone comment?

Would love to hear any other opinions.




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